About Us

The New Way to success. advance. progress.

The Power Of Small

We’re a small company. But we believe, above all, in one thing – something that’s unique to us – and that’s the power of small. Yes, we have the scale and resources of a global powerhouse. But also the speed, creativity and agility.

Our Management Team

Our management team guide our company in our quest to achieve our two goals: to achieve top performance and make Vanilla a great place to work.

Trends and Quality

To be up to date, we do our best so as to make our products correspond to the current trends and safety requirements. Moreover, we make sure that they stay on an adequate price level guaranteeing the best correlation between price and quality.

Our Dream

For parrents and babies. Our dream is to create delicious moments of joy – and that’s exactly what our Vanilla do. They’re that stolen moment...


In order to satisfy the growing demands of our clients we continually improve the quality of our products. To meet the expectations of international market we expand our plant and introduce various systems of work management so that the increase in production goes along with high quality.

Our Values

Delivering Superior Results.

Our History