Service & Instructions

General care and tyre maintenance...

We recommend inflating with a manual pump to a max of 0.7bar. The correct tyre pressure is essential to best maintenance and experience of your buggy. Inflation by a compressor pump is discouraged as this may damage the wheel. If you get a flat tyre and reinflation does not help, replacement inner tubes. Some punctures may be able to be repaired with a bicycle puncture repair kit. If the buggy is used in exposed environments such as salt water, salt spray or beach sand, wash any steel parts of the buggy by hosing the buggy or use warm soapy water, dry thoroughly and protect by spraying with light oil or WD40®.

Brush off any excessive dirt or sand and rinse with lukewarm water. Fabric can be removed and washed by hand using a mild natural soap solution in lukewarm water (no more than 38°C). Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT tumble dry or dry in strong sunlight. To avoid fabric fading, cover the buggy if it is exposed to direct sunlight through glass e.g. in a car or if stored in exposed areas.